The Arena is one of the largest multi-purpose tactical training complexes in the southeast.

The Arena is a 2,300-acre multipurpose training complex providing world-class training facilities for DoD, Law Enforcement, and Civilians.  Our ranges include a 2,300m UKD, 1,000 Yard KDR, Multi-Purpose Range, Four Bay Pistol Complex and Mobility Shooting Bays.  Additional tactical training areas include the Breach/MOUT Facility, Live Fire Shoot House, Off-Road Mobility Course and an Obstacle Course. Our support infrastructure includes Climate-Controlled RSL storage, On-site Lodging, Classrooms, Office's, Planning Bays, Site Security/Controlled Access and 24/7 Support Staff.

UKD Range was extended to 2300M after the making of this video.

We can accommodate multiple training cells concurrently 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Arena is one of the largest multi-purpose tactical training complexes in the southeast.  It was designed to support highly realistic and unconstrained training beyond the limitations of most tactical training facilities. The 2,300+ acres is able to support complete kinetic destruction of individual buildings, targets and complexes to train the full spectrum of skills and tactics.  It can accommodate multiple training cells concurrently, support day or night training and provide custom site preparation builds and reconstructions for counter-terrorism and force protection training.



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