Facility & Ranges

Live Fire Shoot House With Overhead Lighted Structure

  • Total 7000 Square Feet of live fire training space

  • Multiple interior & exterior breach points

  • Multi-Configurable walls 256 different house layouts

  • Elevated catwalks

  • Train 24/7 with covered and lighted structure

Live Fire Shoot House

Breach Facility

Breaching Facility Overhead
  • 22 Acre Breaching Facility with 20lbs NEW

  • Live Fire LAW Rocket Range

  • Live Grenade Safety Range

  • MOUT Site

  • Lighted / Covered Demo Charge Prep Area

  • Custom Target Construction Available

  • 60 person AV capable classroom

Breaching Facility

2,300M UKD Range With 40ft Tower

Pistol Complex
2200 M overhead
2,300M UKD Range 40ft Tower

2,300 Meter Unknown Distance Range has: 10 upper tower firing lanes, 10 indoor Climate Controlled firing lanes, 20 Elevated covered berm firing lanes, and 68 steel reactionary targets.  The UKD is also equipped with remote target camera system for extreme long range targets to include the 1-mile, 1900m, 2100m and 2300m targets. 

Pistol Complex
  • Action target 25 DTAPS moving target systems pre-programmed for LE requalification 

  • Covered Firing Positions

  • Lighted For Night Use

  • Three 50m x 50m Firing Ranges with 25 Lanes Each (Pictured Above)

  • Running Man Target System

  • Assorted Steel and Paper Targets

  • 200 Meter Range

  • Covered Firing Positions

  • Assorted Steel and Paper Targets

  • 13 Dual Concrete Firing Benches

  • Real Terrain Combat Range

Obstacle Course overhead

Pistol Bays

200M Multi-Purpose Range

1,000 Yard KD Range

1000 Yard KD Range

​1,000 Yard Known Distance Range with elevated firing lines every 100 yards, lends itself to a variety of uses from training to competition. The 1,000 yard firing line provides overhead cover and includes eight dual firing concrete bench rests as well as prone positions for all twenty-five firing lanes. Custom designed target carriers hold 6′ x 6′ target frames and can be operated with ease by one person per carrier.  

  • Four 75m x 75m 360° bays  

  • One 25m  x 25m shotgun bay

  • One M4 assault bay   

  • Steel and Paper Targets  

  • Competition Ready  

  • Rolling Assault Lanes 

  • UAV Capable

  • C 130 Capable

  • Less than 5 miles from facility

5494' Early County Aviation Public Airstrip

Early Country Public Airstrip

Mobility Bays

Mobility bay overhead

Surveyed Drop Zones

Multiple Surveyed Drop Zones for both MFF and Static Line Operations on the facility. 

Surveyed Dropzones

On site lodging for 60 personnel, each cabin includes:

  • Microwave

  • Mini Fridge

  • Private Bathroom / Shower

  • Heat

  • A/C

  • Secure and monitored alarm system, climate-controlled weapons storage armory equipped with weapons racks 

  • Separate demolitions storage with 1600lbs Net Explosive Weight Capacity

  • On-Site weapons available

  • Armorer available

  • 24-hour security personnel available 


ARMAGS Arena Training Facility

Onsite Lodging

Arena Training Facility Lodging
Inside view of cabins